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You can join the Metallak ATV Club and get the necessary proof of membership voucher and unique club member ID# by clicking the following link:

Once again, there  are changes  from last year when you go to join through this site. 

The RENEW button has been removed.  To SIGN-IN you will need to put in your email address then go to your inbox and look for the noreply@NHOHVA email. Open the email and click the link to sign in to NHOHVA.  Once signed in, add membership information.  Verify membership info to create your account, go to the cart and checkout.  

Once paid you can retrieve your membership voucher anytime you are signed in by clicking RETRIEVE.  Make sure to click on the 24/25 voucher that starts with a 25A….Vouchers memberships are no longer automatically emailed to you.

***Note: If you are using an Android phone, swipe down on the white screen to download again, then you will need to open using a different app.

 If you are on a computer using Chrome browser the document downloads but will not automatically open and you will need to open from Recent Downloads. (Please note: Your Google Chrome browser may require an update in order to complete membership. Look for the upgrade button in the upper right of your browser)



Or, if you prefer to mail in your membership, rather than using the above link, click below, fill it in and mail  with a check:

Membership and sponsorship form 2024

 It will also be possible to purchase the proof of club membership at the same time you register your ATV with some Registration Agents/Merchants.  The one who can do both locally is Lemieux Garage at 161 Main St., Colebrook, NH.


Craig Washburn

Vice President:
Darren Little

Sheila Beauchemin

Katie Collins

Trail Admin:
Mike Ouellet


Darren Little
Lloyd Howe
Arthur Beauchemin
Glenn Perry
Mike Collins