We are getting back into the groove for 2024.  Last year we decided to hold only two  membership meetings, rather than one a month during the summer.  We realized  everyone would rather be out there riding.  

Stay tuned for the dates  for  the Annual Meeting  before the season opens  and then the Season Wrap Up Meeting in September.  Meetings  are held at the Black Bear Tavern at 7 pm. (And, this year we will  try to remember the September meeting ourselves.  Apologies to those who showed up this past September.)

All members are welcome — You must hold a current membership to able to vote on issues.


Stay tuned — will try to post the poker runs by local fire departments and Austin’s Ride once the date is known. Please follow the Metallak Facebook page as our Admin is very efficient at posting local “happenings”.







Craig Washburn

Vice President:
Darren Little

Sheila Beauchemin

Katie Collins

Trail Admin:
Mike Ouellet


Darren Little
Lloyd Howe
Arthur Beauchemin
Glenn Perry
Mike Collins