Metallak ATV Club is located in Northern New Hampshire. Our goal is to help connect the trails of the Northern NH ATV clubs. Part of our trail system includes a trailhead at Coleman State Park over Sugar Hill to the Balsams and over Dixville Peaks and Nathan Pond trail connecting to Greenough Pond Road and The Millsfield Club trail system. We opened the Rail Trail between Colebrook and Stewartstown in 2013 and The towns of Stewartstown , Colebrook , and Columbia have decided to open some roads and streets to accommodate ATVs to access area businesses and to connect trails.

The riding season is nearly 6 months and gives an experience like no other for recreational riders throughout Northern New Hampshire. This opportunity is made possible by landowners, sponsors, members, and volunteers.  Please follow all signage and respect our Landowners.  Know before you go!

If you are interested in riding or helping our club in some way, please contact us, or Follow us on FACEBOOK.

Trail Closure – 6/7/2024:

Dixville  Peaks Trail from windmills to Nathan Pond  trail is Temporarily closed for scheduled repairs that we could not access last  year.

Roaring Brook Trail is  in need of culverts and is on the  work calendar for this season so it is  closed for now.

If anyone ignores the closure markings and travels the closed  trail, we could  very likely lose that trail.  Please take the time to find  out what trails are closed  before striking  out.  Show respect to our landowners and bear with us for  what we hope is a very short closing.




Craig Washburn

Vice President:
Darren Little

Sheila Beauchemin

Katie Collins

Trail Admin:
Mike Ouellet


Darren Little
Lloyd Howe
Arthur Beauchemin
Glenn Perry
Mike Collins