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Colebrook, NH

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Most Trails Open June 8

Finally....thanks for understanding

MOST of Our trails are opening Saturday, June 8th

You can access Downtown Colebrook by the Railbed ONLY. 
*Temporarily no access to IGA, Northwoods Truck Stop and Grampys.
*South Hill Trail is temporarily closed at the junction of Noyes Road and South Hill.
*Dixville Peaks Trail is temporarily closed.
*Corridor C from Kelsey Notch Junction South toward Stratford is Temporarily Closed

Please use extreme caution as some smaller washouts may exist.

LIVE FREE AND RIDE....with Respect

Please do not enter any area posted as closed

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Craig Washburn

Vice President:
Darren Little

Sheila Beauchemin

Katie Collins

Trail Admin:
Mike Ouellet


Darren Little
Lloyd Howe
Arthur Beauchemin
Glenn Perry
Mike Collins

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